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Feel the storm, its coming [entries|friends|calendar]
The Rob. You cannot kill what you did not create

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concert post # 1 [11 Mar 2007|03:11pm]
[ mood | rejuvenated ]

okay first the suck. well seems i'm having car problems again so thats fucked. but whatever i'll get it figured out.

now the fun stuff. wednesday me kat, jay and matt went to see he is legend, chimera, dragonforce, and killswitch engage. it was awesome.
me and jay went straight for the floor while matt and kat sat up top.

so thats the jist of it. go see Killswitch Engage!!!!!! Sevendust update coming soon. time to get some grub and ready for work now. peace kids

till next time

Teh Rob
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i'm still alive [19 Feb 2007|01:17am]
[ mood | sick ]

yep i'm alive. like it or not. hahahahaha....ahem.. anyways so yeah hi.

lets a lil update time. i was out of work for a week with the flu. that sucked. made up for it this week with alot of hours and i gave up my off day to help out with all the valentines day orders. thought i was all better but woke up friday morning with more sinus crud and chest congestion. it wasn't too bad till this morning when i woke up and couldn't breathe again. damnit i'm not gonna get super sick again. i want my fucking immune system back. if i'm not feeling better by tuesday i'm gonna make the doctor give me a fucking supershot and fix this shit.

so yeah enough of that. how are my peoples doing? good i hope.

wooohooo got concerts coming up.. killswitch engage, dragonforce, and chimera march 7th and sevendust march 10th. i'm fucking stoked.

thats about it. not much i know but hey better than me being dead.....well to me it is...

so now i'm gonna drink an assload of oj take some meds and pass out.

till next time kids
slow the fuck down and try to enjoy life and not dwell on all the bullshit.... yeah i'll take my own advice one day

Teh Rob

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A Public Service Announcement [29 Jan 2007|11:52pm]
[ mood | sore ]

Ok people. for the next 2 or 3 days. if you happen to call me. I have a minor case of Blepharitis, swelling and/or irritation of the eyelid, resulting from a bacterial infection, inflammation, or allergies. It is the most common eye disease.

As of right now it is painful and the eyedrops the doctor gave me don't make matters better since they tend to burn as well. the good news, its jus starting up so the drops and the oral antibiotics he gave me should clear it up in a few days. the bad news, in the meantime this doesn't make for a very pleasent sounding Rob. once again. this is nothing personal towards anyone. it jus hurts and itches like crazy and i'm not in anyway, shape, form or fashion gonna sound chipper.

couple of days and you'll be able to return to your regularly scheduled Rob

till next time
Teh Rob

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[12 Jan 2007|03:25am]
[ mood | way too awake ]

its 3:30 am January 12th 2007. i'm wide awake. yes i ahve been to sleep. no i didn't have a bad dream or anything. it's like something or someone said wake up and i did. that was at 11:45pm...........

.............i really don't know what else to say at this point.

i jus want to go to sleep.......please?

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lots of awesome [29 Dec 2006|03:13am]
[ mood | overtired ]

went to victory land tonight, spent 150 bucks won 350 so i'm happy. should have jus hit that machine sooner. probably could have won more but i didn't want to push my luck to much couple of days till new years. i got some fireworks. gonna spend it with good friends and an awesome, awesome lady. excellent times ahead. goin to lunch tomorrow with great peoples. can't wait. might be watchin movies with jenny tomorrow night. hope so, can't wait. soo tried now. just hit me like a train. bed time.

awesome dreams kids
till next time

only you can hold yourself back from your dreams. write your own destiny and let nothing stand in your way

Teh Rob

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Merry Merry X Mas [24 Dec 2006|09:56pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

happy holidays ot you and yours. your my family and i love you all. words can't express how glad i am to have you all in my life. ya'll are truly my strength. be safe see you soon.

Teh Rob

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good times [23 Dec 2006|03:01am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

little miss sunshine is awesome. awesome. awesome.

ahhh it keeps gettin better everyday. ah well dream time.

later kids

Teh Rob

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that time of year again [21 Dec 2006|03:23am]
[ mood | happy and amazed ]

yep Christmas is coming fast. hope you all have a wonderful holiday. and a great new years. my the new year bring awesome times for everyone.

mirrormask is awesome. thanks to jenny for showing me this and for a great evening and awesome presents. how'd i get so lucky....

till next time kids

Hope your all as happy as i am now

Teh Rob

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Tonight....... [16 Dec 2006|08:18pm]
[ mood | happy and down all together ]

bout to get ready to go out tonight for kats bday thing. i'll be there but my mind will be other places...... finally had a decent tipping day today. finances are coming together finally. i've taken control of my life again and i'm happy with myself

its been along time since i could say that.

its no secret how much i like jenny. really really really like jenny.
ok i'm a total mess about jenny. i jus felt the need to say that out loud. she makes tingly.

till next time kids

take a chance, you never know until you do

Teh Rob

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Another Wonderful Night [14 Dec 2006|03:50am]
[ mood | optimistic ]

I hope this becomes more. I want to see this through. I smile alot more now. I feel like I'm floating. I'm ready for this. No rush though. No worries. Plenty of time. I know what's been done and i understand. I will be patient. I will see this through. I hope I get the chance to. I'm hooked, I'm amazed, I'm putty. The fire's burning. Dizzy, excited, mesmerized. No rush. No worries. Trust.


Teh Rob

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Alive and well [11 Dec 2006|03:59am]
[ mood | restless ]

yep i'm alive. oct was my last update? didn't realize it had been taht far. well alot has happened and yet not much at the same time. i choose not to elaborate cause i'd really like to forget most of it and start fresh. that however is working out pretty well. saturday has been the best day so... i had a date with a beautiful lady that went rather well i believe. saturday is our lil bday celebration for kat since her bday is xmas itself and what will be my second date with jenny (third if i get lucky!). we have audits coming up at work and if we get our service times up we have a really goiod chance of another 5 star. we are finally pretty well staffed again so this should come to fruition pretty soon hoepfully. that and my schedule is a lil more flexible now aswell so i won't be a recluse anymore. yay!!!

yes that means i'll have a chance to make up for lost time with my dearest friends. other than that its pretyty much a whole lot of the same thing. jus makin it day by day. things look brighter now which i'm grateful for. i plan on being out of here around feb, close to the end, so i have another goal. well thats sus it up so to speak.

until next time,

be true to yourself and keep your dreams alive. keep hope alive

Teh Rob

Edit: recently brought to my attention. i should have elaborated a lil more. when i say out of here i mean out of the apartment, not the state lol. thats all. booo work time

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no particular subject [08 Oct 2006|11:44am]
[ mood | hopeful ]

hello world. i'm alive and here. figured i should update. lots been goin on lately. love loss tragedy and reunion. not goin to go into detail. most who read this know anyways. jus wanted to say thank you for all the support you all have shown this weekend with what went on and all. can thanx to the few who were able to make it out last night. it really meant alot. words can't convey how much. it really helped. well i still have a bunch of shit to take care of today. so i'll catch ya'll on the flip.

"Family is not defined by blood or marriage, but by the bonds we make through our lives. its the ones who are there for you anyway they can be when we need them or not. the ones who stand by you in the good times and the bad. when your around them you know your home."

Teh Rob

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another tragedy in the world [04 Sep 2006|02:44am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Steve Irwin Dead Age 44

i thought it was a joke at first. sadly its not.

say what you will. he was a great man and did a whole hell of a lot for wildlife the world over. rest in peace crazy aussie brother

Teh Rob

"Treasure every moment, we don't get as much as we think...."

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i'm happy [12 Jul 2006|06:08pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

i found camel izmir stingers around town again. i'm a happy rob

have fun

Teh Rob

you know you love this shit

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hello again.... [25 Jun 2006|05:18am]
[ mood | nostalgic ]


yeah its me

i'm alive

i'm still working

i still miss you all

i will make time i swear

i'm about to be 24

i need a drink

i love you all

Teh Rob
Be yourself, not what they want you to be

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the long weekend [27 May 2006|03:09am]
[ mood | blah ]

ahh memorial day weekend. time for jubilee, cookouts and random time spent with friends and such..... well not for me. for me its the final 40 hours of a 75 hour work week. plus its watering and feeding a dog that i can't see without a spotloght at night and won't stfu for anythign in the world. yay me. ah well. paycheck will be nice. anyways i haven't posted in a lil while so i thought i'd through that out there. saw X 3 thursday night. awesome, period. don't care what you think of it if you didn't like it. its a fucking movie that isn't set by any law saying it has to follow the comic to the fucking T. didn't understand it?? pay more fucking attention and look past the pretty special effects. be open to something different. basically like i said before X 3 fucking awesome. end of story.

side note. i miss you all and i hate that i haven't been able to have a social life as of late. matter of fact it really started to get to me yesterday. but i have things i have to do and i don't want to look back and say i could have tried harder. but i do miss you all.

well till the next time, or i get ot see ya'll....

the hardest paths usually have the best outcomes. which path are you gonna choose?

The Rob

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inter views an stuff [30 Apr 2006|02:38am]
[ mood | i should be asleep ]

ok i got interviewed by jaysunrocks and anotherwhiteguy so here's the explination thing

1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
2. I will respond by asking you five questions of a very intimate and creepily personal nature. Or not so creepy/personal.
3. You WILL update your LJ with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the post. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions

and here are the answers:
to jaysunrocks interview

1. What's the best concert that you've ever been to? the best would have to be either Ozzfest 2005 in Tennessee or In Flames, Trivium, Devil Driver, and Zao. Its hard to pick jus one but I still have tons more to go
2. How goes the weight loss? Well its going slow for a couple of reasons, mainly the sodas which i'm working on pushing out again. that and i haven't had time to go talk to that doc i want to see cause of work. cause well i live at work
3. So okay, I'm going to learn how to cook one of these days. Tell me a decent dish to start out with.i would suggest something simple like steak. that way you can work on stove tempetures and cook time that or eggs would be a good one

4. So okay, Final Fantasy VIII or Final Fantasy IX? Which is better to you?
i say 8 though nothing beats 7 and 10. 8 to me had a good overall story though way too drawn out. that and 9 had fucking bobble head in it. I FUCKING HATE BOBBLE HEADS!!!!!!!!!!!

5. Top three movies, go!Advent Children,Braveheart,Pulp Fiction
damn, top ten movies would have been easier.
answers to anotherwhiteguy interview

1. What the hell are you doing working so many hours? making money to pay bills, get ahead in life and be comfortable later on

2. If you could choose a movie and song that has most influenced your life, what would they be? a movie, hmmmm... thats one i can't answer at the current moment. a song however is a hard one to answer cause there have been a few....nothing else matters by metallica,(fuck off) few years back i ahd alot going on, mainly things i was working out with myself and the path i was heading down. along with others things i really don't care to get into. well i was riding around one night listening to music like i used to do all the time late at night and this song came on and it made me realize that i had put myself on the back burner and was holding myself back from some the next step in my journy through liofe so to speak. so i decided then and there it was time for a change.

3. What one event has changed your life more than any other? when my mother went into the hospital for her heart and had surgery. it was a rude awakening, a life changing, and ultimately i came out of the whole ordeal as a stronger, more mature person.

4. If you had a hammer, what would you do? i'd be too legit to quit(bad joke)

5. Scenic or direct? Or would you rather fly or drive on a long trip? scenic and drive. i love road trips

well there it is folks. if yoiu want you can have me interview you but it might take a lil bit so bare with me.
Rob Out

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w00t [25 Apr 2006|01:27am]
Well here i am again. hi. how are you. i miss you peoples. you have no idea. but anyways my post. nothing much really. i knwo i don't talk about work much other to say i'm always there(understatement) anyways something good happened at work today and i feel like sharing. we got a 5 star on our oer today. w00t fucking w00t. for those who don't know thats a really really really good thing. we are the BALLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!! so yeah enough of that. i o-ced today and i ahve to open tomorrow so i'm out. miss me becuase i miss you and you know you all want me. even if you're not ready to admit it yet



Teh Rob

Don't ever let your soundtrack stop
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yeah love that shit bitches [15 Apr 2006|04:01am]
[ mood | the jig is up ]

Romeo Offering Backrubs and Erotic, Rapturous Touches

Judge me now

work [03 Apr 2006|12:53am]
[ mood | hard to say really ]

Well folks its about that time again. another post of no importance other than to satisfy my own lil need to speak from time to time. subject tonight? work. work. that thing that we do to make money. i feel the want to apologize to all my friends for the past couple of weeks. i know i've been out of the loop so to speak and i have fell out of plans i've made and whatnot and i feel a lil bad about it. mainly cause its not like me to do this. i've jus been busy with work alot and like everyone else even i have my own problems to deal with from time to time. not to mention helping out some nearest and dearest. well with that said i'm sorry to anyone this has affected.

Now please understand the previous statement. i feel the want not need but the want to apologize. i say this because in all honesty i don't need to do it. not that i'm tryin to be an asshole about it or anything but we all have things we have to do to keep our lives on track and sacrifices we have to make. anyone that knows me should know that i'm normally not like this and if i say something i'm sincere about it. and if you know me you know i would bend over backwards and die to do anything i could to help out my friends and loved ones when they need it. but hey i need to help myself sometimes too. so i figure if your one of these people you'll understand and deal with it. if not then thats just the way things go sometimes.

now that thats out of the way, how are all you sexy bitches doin? tell me. i require feed back.

till the next shift in the fabric of time

Teh Rob

no words of wisdom today, jus a song i like

10 Years "Wasteland"

Change my attempt good intentions

Crouched over
You were not there
Living in fear
But signs were not really that scarce
Obvious tears
But I will not
Hide you through this
I want you to help
And please see
The bleeding heart perched on my shirt

Die, withdraw
Hide in cold sweat
Quivering lips
Ignore remorse
Naming a kid, living wasteland
This time you've tried
All that you can turning you red

Change my attempt good intentions
Should I, could I
Here we are with your obsession
Should I, could I

Crowned hopeless
The article read living wasteland
This time you've tried
All that you can turning you red
but I will not
Hide you through this
I want you to help

Change my attempt good intentions
Should I, could I

Here we are with your obsession
Should I, could I

Heave the silver hollow sliver
Piercing through another victim
Turn and tremble be judgmental
Ignorant to all the symbols
Blind the face with beauty paste
Eventually you'll one day know

Change my attempt good intentions
Limbs tied, skin tight
Self inflicted his perdition

Should I, could I
Change my attempt good intentions
Should I, could I
Should I, could I

1 king in my own mind| Judge me now

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